Maintenance of stainless steel pull

2020-09-18 440

  (1) The installation time of stainless steel handle should be carried out after the decoration of the room and cleaning of the site, so as to avoid bumping and splashing during the construction or cleaning process, or the cleaning staff should clean the handle with acid-base detergent.

  (2) The appearance of stainless steel handle is relatively smooth. Generally, it is OK to clean it with a soft dry cloth when cleaning. If the handle is in the place whe

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re there are more oil stains in the kitchen, you can use the dry cloth dipped with talcum powder to wipe the surface, and it will be as bright as new immediately.

  (3) Stainless steel handle cleaning must not use acid and alkali rich corrosive detergent, so simple corrosion of metal, shorten the use of handle life.

  (4) The cleaning interval of the handle is usually cleaned twice a week. Cleaning is not only to keep the handle clean, but also to ensure our health and reduce the breeding of bacteria.

  Source: stainless steel handle manufacturer