Daily maintenance knowledge of stainless steel handle

2020-09-18 616

  In the day, you can touch the handle everywhere, open the door, close the window, pull the cabinet, all need the help of the handle. So every day will have a close contact with the handle, and will frequently use the handle.

  It is precisely because today's touch handle, such a touch handle will inevitably cause certain damage to the handle, or reduce the service life of the handle. Therefore, we should learn how to protect the handle in daily life.

  At present, there are many kinds of handle, and the raw materials are also different. It is learned from the market that there are wood, plastic, alloy, ceramic and stainless steel in daily life. And usually use stainless steel, alloy and other handle, because these handles are more practical, then stainless steel h

stainless steel handle manufacturer

andle manufacturers will share some common knowledge of stainless steel handle maintenance.

  1. Starting from the installation, the installation time of stainless steel handle should be carried out after the room is decorated and the site is cleaned, so as to prevent bumping and splashing during construction or cleaning, or the cleaning staff clean the handle with acid-base detergent.

  2. The appearance of stainless steel handle is relatively smooth. I usually clean it with a soft dry cloth. If the handle is in the kitchen where there are more oil stains, then you can use dry cloth to dip talcum powder to wipe the appearance, and it will be bright as new immediately.

  3. Stainless steel handle cleaning must not use acid and alkali containing corrosive detergent, which is easy to corrode metal and shorten the service life of the handle.

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